Docker environment variables

Environment Variable Description Default
EASYHAPROXY_DISCOVER How the services will be discovered to create haproxy.cfg: static, docker, swarm or kubernetes required
EASYHAPROXY_LABEL_PREFIX (Optional) The key will search for matching resources. easyhaproxy
EASYHAPROXY_CERTBOT_* (Optional) Enable Let's Encrypt or any other ACME certificate. See more: acme empty
EASYHAPROXY_SSL_MODE (Optional) strict supports only the most recent TLS version; default good SSL integration with recent browsers; loose supports all old SSL protocols for old browsers (not recommended). default
EASYHAPROXY_REFRESH_CONF (Optional) Check for new containers/services every N seconds. 10
EASYHAPROXY_LOG_LEVEL (Optional) The log level for EasyHAproxy messages. Available: TRACE,DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,FATAL DEBUG
CERTBOT_LOG_LEVEL (Optional) The log level for Certbot messages. Available: TRACE,DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,FATAL DEBUG
HAPROXY_LOG_LEVEL (Optional) The log level for HAProxy messages. Available: TRACE,DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,FATAL DEBUG
HAPROXY_USERNAME (Optional) The HAProxy username to the statistics. admin
HAPROXY_PASSWORD (Optional) The HAProxy password to the statistics. If not set, statistics will be available with no password empty
HAPROXY_STATS_PORT (Optional) The HAProxy port to the statistics. If set to false, disable statistics 1936
HAPROXY_CUSTOMERRORS (Optional) If HAProxy will use custom HTML errors. true/false. false

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