Boilerplate Project Template for RESTFul API

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This project is a boilerplate for create Rest Applications API Ready to Use with the best techniques to improve your productivity.

What is a PHP Rest Template?

It is a PHP-based RESTful API template or boilerplate that aims to simplify the development process of RESTful web services in PHP. It provides a foundation or starting point for building APIs following REST architectural principles.

Using PHP Rest Template you can focus on the business logic of your application and not in the infrastructure as for example:

Key features and components:

This project is not a framework. It is a template that you can use to create your own project. You can use the template as a starting point for your own project and customize it to fit your specific requirements.

Some Features Explained

This project install the follow components (click on the link for more details):

Getting Started

Here some examples of how to use the template:

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