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Why do you create the YAJ library?

I create the YAJ for two reasons:

  • I needed created a piece of javascript that was not jQuery dependant
  • I would not like to rely on the DOMElement because browser incompatibilities

Because of this I resolve to create my own library.

What does mean YAJ?

Yaj is a acronymum for "Yet Another jQuery replacement". But Yaj is also spin quickly in a pirouette and then snap and point at a person, uttering the greeting, "yo."

Because of this the main class is "yo".

Why width(), height() and other are not implemented?

The main objective of this library is not to recreate all jQuery features but create a lightweigth library solving the problems of browser compatibilities (polyfill) and looks like to jQuery.

Based on this point of view every method or property that's there is no issue between browsers we recommend use the HTML feature directly.


Use yo(selector).attr()


Use yo(selector).css()

everything else

Use yo(selector).el() to get the HTMLElement and manipulate it directly.