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Service discovery for HAProxy

EasyHAProxy dynamically creates the haproxy.cfg based on the labels defined in docker containers.

EasyHAProxy can detect and configure HAProxy automatically on the following platforms:

  • Docker
  • Docker Swarm
  • Kubernetes

Who is using?

EasyHAProxy is part of some projects:

  • Dokku
  • MicroK8s

See detailed instructions on how to install below.

EasyHAProxy Mission

Easy to set up and low configuration to numerous features.


EasyHAProxy will discover the services based on the Docker Tags of the containers running on a Docker host or Docker Swarm cluster and dynamically set up the haproxy.cfg. Below, EasyHAProxy main features:

  • Support Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol compatible with Let's encrypt and others CA.
  • Set your custom SSL certificates
  • Balance traffic between multiple replicas
  • Set SSL with three different levels of validations and according to the most recent definitions.
  • Set up HAProxy to listen to TCP.
  • Add redirects.
  • Enable/disable Stats on port 1936 with a custom password.
  • Enable/disable custom errors.

Also, it is possible to set up HAProxy from a simple Yaml file instead of creating haproxy.cfg file.

How Does It Work?

You don't need to change your current infrastructure and don't need to learn the HAProxy configuration.

The steps are:

  • Run the EasyHAProxy container;
  • Add some labels to the containers you want to be parsed by EasyHAProxy (see detailed instructions below);
  • EasyHAProxy will automatically detect the containers, set up, and reload the HAProxy configurations for you without downtime.

Detailed Instructions

For detailed instructions on how to use EasyHAProxy, follow the instructions for the platform you want to use:

Kubernetes Docker Swarm Docker Static

Or you can install using tools:

Helm MicroK8s Dokku

Special Topics

If you already set up the EasyHAProxy, is time to go deeper:

See EasyHAProxy in action

Click on the image to see the videos (use HD for better visualization)

Docker In Action Docker and Letsencrypt K8s In Action K8s and Letsencrypt Static Configuration TCP Mode

Here is the code applied in the examples above.

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