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PHP Docker Images ByJG

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A complete and small PHP Docker image based on Alpine Linux and run on the archictectures

  • amd64 (x86_64)
  • arm64 (Raspberry PI, Graviton, etc) - available after February 2021

The Docker ByJG PHP Images has several bundled images based on PHP in different versions.

The PHP images are ready to use in:

  • Development Environment
  • Production Environment
  • CI/CD environments (like Travis-CI, Circle-CI, Jenkis, Bitbucket Pipelines, and others)
  • IDE Integration

PHP Versions Available

VersionLatest VersionMonthly BuildsAlpine Version


  • PHP Images with no monthly builds are not updated anymore and there is no support.
  • PHP images using the edge base image are suitable for production. However, they may receive package updates. If you extend these images by adding more packages, those packages may not be available in future updates.

PHP Images

Five different images for each PHP Version

  • base - Minimal Image, base for the other
  • cli - PHP with Command Line installed (composer, phpunit, etc)
  • fpm - PHP with FPM installed
  • fpm-apache - PHP and Apache using FPM
  • fpm-nginx - PHP and Nginx using FPM

Image Tag Convention

Since January 2021 de tag convention is:



  • PHP_VERSION: It is <MAJOR>.<MINOR>, e.g 8.2
  • TYPE: It is base, cli, fpm, fpn-nginx, fpm-apache
  • YYYY: The Year of the Build
  • MM: The month of the build.

The images without YYYY-MM can be updated to the latest PHP version and new features. The images with YYYY-MM are immutable



Environment variables

Here a list of environment variables.

Image Sizes

Below a table with images uncompressed

Build TypeUncompressed Size

Building your own image

Detailed instructions can be found here.

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