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Basic PHP Account Statements

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This is a simple PHP application that allows you to create and manage account statements. It consists of a set of classes to allow control and get statements of any account.

It supports the following features:

  • Multiple accounts per user;
  • Multiple currencies per account
  • Transaction history to avoid changes in the balance;

How to use

Basic usage

use ByJG\AccountStatements\Bll\AccountBLL;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\Bll\AccountTypeBLL;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\Bll\StatementBLL;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\Entity\AccountTypeEntity;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\Repository\AccountRepository;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\Repository\AccountTypeRepository;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\Repository\StatementRepository;
use ByJG\AccountStatements\DTO\StatementDTO;

// Initiate Repositories
$accountTypeRepo = new AccountTypeRepository($this->dbDriver);
$statementRepo = new StatementRepository($this->dbDriver);
$accountRepo = new AccountRepository($this->dbDriver);

// Initiate BLLs
$accountTypeBLL = new AccountTypeBLL($accountTypeRepo);
$statementBLL = new StatementBLL($statementRepo, $accountRepo);
$accountBLL = new AccountBLL($accountRepo, $accountTypeBLL, $statementBLL);

// Create a new Account Type
$accountType = new AccountTypeEntity();
$accountType->setName('Dollar Account');

$accountTypeBLL = new AccountTypeBLL($accountTypeRepo);

// Create a new Account
$accountRepo = new AccountRepository($this->dbDriver);
$accountId = $accountBLL->createAccount($accountType->getAccountTypeId(), '34', 0);

// Add 200 USD to the account
$statement = new StatementDTO($accountId, 200);

// Withdraw 100 USD from the account
$statement = new StatementDTO($accountId, 100);

// Add 50 USD hold to the account
$statement = new StatementDTO($accountId, 50);
$statementId = $statementBLL->reserveFundsForDeposit($statement);

// Accept the hold


composer require byjg/account-statements


docker run --name mysql-container --rm  -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -p 3306:3306 -d mysql:8.0


Open source ByJG

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