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Config: Container PSR-11 and Dependency Injection

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A very basic and minimalist PSR-11 implementation for config management and dependency injection.


PSR-11 refers to "PHP Standard Recommendation 11," which is a PHP specification that defines a common interface for implementing dependency injection containers in PHP applications. Dependency injection is a design pattern that allows objects to be provided with their dependencies from an external source, rather than creating those dependencies internally.

Here's a summary of PSR-11:

  • Purpose: PSR-11 aims to provide a standardized way of implementing and using dependency injection containers in PHP applications.

  • Container Interface: PSR-11 defines the Psr\Container\ContainerInterface, which specifies methods for retrieving instances of objects (dependencies) from the container.

  • Container Operations: The interface includes methods such as get($id) to retrieve an instance by its identifier (usually a string), has($id) to check if an instance exists in the container, and set($id, $value) to manually register an instance with the container.

  • Implementing Containers: Developers can create their own containers by implementing the ContainerInterface and providing the necessary methods for managing and retrieving instances.

  • Interoperability: PSR-11 promotes interoperability between different PHP frameworks and libraries by providing a common interface. Applications built using PSR-11 containers can switch between different containers without needing to modify the application code.

  • Autowiring: PSR-11 does not explicitly define autowiring (automatic resolution of dependencies), but containers implementing this specification can choose to include autowiring functionality if desired.

  • Extension: PSR-11 can be extended by other PSR specifications to provide additional features or standards related to dependency injection.

Overall, PSR-11 standardizes the way dependency injection containers are implemented and used in PHP, promoting code reusability, flexibility, and interoperability between different components of PHP applications.

How use this component

Follow the steps below:


composer require "byjg/config"




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