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Generic PDO configuration

If you want to use a PDO driver that is not mapped into the anydataset-db library you can use the generic PDO driver.

The generic PDO driver uses the format pdo://username:password@pdo_driver?PDO_ARGUMENTS.

That are the steps to get it working:

  1. Install the PDO driver properly;
  2. Adapt the connection string URI to the generic PDO format.
  3. Use the Factory::getDbRelationalInstance to get the database instance.

Adapt the PDO connection string to URI format

Let's take as example the Firebird PDO driver. The connection string is:


and adapting to URI style we remove the information about the driver, user and password. Then we have:

$uri = new Uri("pdo://john:mypass@firebird?Database=DATABASE.GDE&DataSource=localhost&Port=3050");

Note the configuration:

  • The schema for generic PDO is "pdo";
  • The host is the PDO driver. In this example is "firebird";
  • The PDO arguments are passed as query string. Remember to replace the ; by &.
  • The user and password are passed as part of the URI.

Generic rule