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Running Unit tests

Unit Tests (no DBConnection)


Running database tests

Run integration tests require you to have the databases up and running. We provided a basic docker-compose.yml and you can use to start the databases for test.

Starting the target databases

docker-compose up -d postgres mysql

Running the tests against the databases

phpunit testsdb/PdoMySqlTest.php 
phpunit testsdb/PdoSqliteTest.php
phpunit testsdb/PdoPostgresTest.php
phpunit testsdb/PdoDblibTest.php

Optionally you can set the host and password used by the unit tests

export MYSQL_TEST_HOST=localhost     # defaults to localhost
export MYSQL_PASSWORD=newpassword # use '.' if want have a null password
export PSQL_TEST_HOST=localhost # defaults to localhost
export PSQL_PASSWORD=newpassword # use '.' if want have a null password
export MSSQL_TEST_HOST=localhost # defaults to localhost
export MSSQL_PASSWORD=Pa55word
export SQLITE_TEST_HOST=/tmp/test.db # defaults to /tmp/test.db