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Mock Requests

PHP Swagger has the class MockRequester with exact the same functionalities of ApiRequester class. The only difference is the MockRequester don't need to request to a real endpoint.

This is used to validate request and response against your OpenAPI spec without running any server code.

class MyTest extends ApiTestCase
public function testExpectOK()
$expectedResponse = \ByJG\Util\Psr7\Response::getInstance(200)
->withBody(new \ByJG\Util\Psr7\MemoryStream(json_encode([
"id" => 1,
"name" => "Spike",
"photoUrls" => []

// The MockRequester does not send the request to a real endpoint
// Just returning the expected Response object sent in the constructor
$request = new \ByJG\ApiTools\MockRequester($expectedResponse);

$this->assertRequest($request); // That should be "True" based on the specification

Integration with PSR7

You can populate the ApiRequester/MockRequester with the information provided by the RequestInterface PSR7 interface.



$psr7Request = \ByJG\Util\Psr7\Request::getInstance(new Uri("/method_to_be_tested?param1=value1"))

$request = new \ByJG\ApiTools\ApiRequester();

// Return a ResponseInterface PSR7 component
$response = $request->send();